Jan 3, 2013

L’ Arbre de Vie

by Esther Paturel

Branches  intertwine to form at the end hypnotic spirals.

 Leaves, golden, glittering, full of life and answers.

Trunk, hard and tough at first appearance, is actually a crossing of frail peaks.

The recesses are a mysterious abyss where the dear little animals may shelter

And fruits and flowers, such beautiful jewels, seduce passersby and impose their grace and beauty.

The residents are lucky. Oxygen sources and hope!

Lucky people, created by Mother Nature, and living in trees!

Yes, I mean you, animal! Your home and your chance!

The foam, like splendid cushions clings to the bark.

And the sap, which trickles into the tree, nourishes and gives life; it flows and moves into the nooks and crannies of rosacea.

But Lady Snow always arrives with its slight white coat, covering the tree to sleep.

About Esther Paturel

Home:  Marseille, France
Date Of Birth:  November 11, 2000
Who do you want to be when you grow up? Writer /Designer /Editor